Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a a fun, relaxing weekend filled with the kinds of things that make the weekend so great: maybe brunch or dinner with friends, time spent outdoors in the sun or inside catching a movie. Whatever you were up to, I hope your transition back into the week is a smooth and painless one. Because I don’t know about you, but my oh my, mimosas in bed sound like a good idea this morning. Much better than the gym, which is where I’m heading…
I spent Sunday evening catching up on all of your hilarious, ironic, sometimes strange, always interesting, very honest comment submissions for the Truth and Cake Giveaway. You guys made picking winners so darn difficult! I want to send each and every one of you something fun, or at least have coffee with you and hear more of your funny stories. You’re all so interesting and cheeky, and I feel like my ulterior motive of getting to know you a little better was brilliantly realized.
Okay, okay, you want to know who actually won the prizes. I’m not sure how anyone can be expected to decide between a girl who speaks in various accents and one who ate raw meat in preparation for her transition to elf-hood. Or a guy who blatantly stared at another woman’s breasts in front of his wife versus a woman who thought her groom looked like a duck. You guys really brought the goods. But I had to choose, and choose I did.
Congratulations, Amber from A Smile Each Day and Jessica from Defining Wonderland! Amber’s hilarious recounting of a ladybug falling into her mouth and her subsequent life-long fear of the spotted red creatures made me laugh out loud. With sentences like, “It’s almost like ladybugs can sense my fear because they always seem to haunt me,” how could I deny her the prize? And Jessica, clever girl that she is, managed to incorporate four of my blog post themes into her very truthcakey answer. I also decided to award a third runner-up prize of “Steal like an Artist”/miniature pig to Laura from Lauri Likes for her very honest and relatable answer—a little inspiration for those difficult days in the office. Many of us have been there, and it’s amazing what a bit of creative, motivational reading material can do to combat the office blues. If you lovely ladies can private message me your mailing addresses, I will get those prizes off to you this week!

Pigs and Prizes!

Sorry boys, but the ladies smoked you this time around. Better luck next time. To be fair, you were pretty outnumbered. But don’t worry, you’ll get another shot: after all of the fun answers I received, I can’t wait for round two!
I’ll leave you with a little bit of pretty from my weekend. The cherry blossoms and various other flowering beauties are in full bloom around Vancouver. My allergies are not very happy, but I’ll gladly put up with watery eyes and a stuffy nose to gaze upon these gorgeous flowers.

Thanks for playing! And, as always, thanks for reading.